April 3, 2007: New Mega Game Now Open

N-Space, a mega game for 250 players, is now open for joining. (You must complete a solo game to be eligible to join N-Space.)

Features of this game:

  • The economy will be in effect.
  • The game will run for 35 turns, ticking daily at 10pm CDT.
  • It will use the "classic" victory conditions . . . number of worlds controlled.
  • The map for N-Space is less randomized than most of the past megas. You can expect to have 4-6 enemy homeworlds surrounding your world, and most of them will be within 300 units. (Some will be in the 300-350 range.) Gaps in the starfield are smaller and less common.
The first tick will take place on Wednesday, April 4 at 10pm CDT (UTC-5).

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