June 4, 2007: N-Space Fiction Contest

The jury has returned its nominations for the best fiction posted on the forums during N-Space. Due to ties (there were four jurors, who submitted similar but not identical lists), we have seven finalists. In no order, they are Lyfdel, TomC, Kail, Argrath, Thrognor, heyzeus23, and Pastafarian. Congratulations, all of you!

All our finalists will grab some extra XP. Who gets how much . . . depends on your votes. Go to the forum thread entitled "UltraCorps Fan Fiction Contest", where you can read all their stories, and then vote in the poll!

In other news, a frequently asked question is "When's the next mega?" The answer is . . . as soon as possible. Kira and SJ have some non-UC fires to put out first.

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