June 13, 2007: Fiction Contest Winners

We have our N-Space fiction contest winners!
  • First place, Lyfdel and Argrath: 25 XP each.
  • Third place, Pastafarian: 12 XP.
  • Fourth place, Kail, beaten only by a whisker: 10 XP.
  • Honorable mentions to TomC, heyzeus23, and Thrognor: 5 XP each.
The Acutron thanks the contestants, the jury, and the voters! We will do this again.

Update! SJ made a typo when this was first posted and turned the name of the fourth place winner, KAIL, into KAIN. And as it happens, there IS a user named KAIN, so we didn't catch the mistake right away. It has been fixed. Kail has his XP now. Kain loses the 10 XP that he had for a day or so. Sorry about that, Kain! You get an apology point, worth absolutely nothing . . .

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