November 6, 2007: Race And Unit Changes For Palatino

Palatino, a 35-turn game using classic victory conditions, starts Monday, Nov. 12. The following changes will be in effect:


  • will no longer have a Carry. Let's see if that is enough to get them back to a reasonable strength.
  • will now just be called BioBombs and will be alphabetized under B.


  • will no longer start with any Cargo Boosters.
  • will start with 15 X-8s instead of four.
  • will start with 550 population instead of 500.
The desired net effect is to let the VaT'ak replace losses a bit faster, since their starting fleet is brittle. We do not yet have any VaT'ak racial perks in play . . . when we add a perk, we may, or may not, back off on some of the above improvements.


will have their starting fleet reduced to a Queen and 90 Nozama Fighters.

Nozama Fighters

  • will now be generally available, and enter the regular economy, on Turn 8.
  • will acquire SP 80 if in the same fleet as a Nozama Queen.
  • will have CPX 20 and a base price of 10.

Nozama Queens

  • will have their lock reduced to 5.
  • will generate 15-20 Nozama each turn they are in a base fleet, but . . .
  • that is per world, regardless of the number of Queens present.
The desired net effect is that the Nozama, as a race, will be able to expand more quickly, and the Queens will be on the forefront of the expansion rather than grouped behind the lines. The starting fleet has been reduced slightly so a Nozama player won't get his swarm attack bonus even if he puts all his units into one fleet.

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