February 24, 2008: Ruh-Oh Rings!

We will soon launch three new ring games with the same setup. There will be one each for starting, medium, and high rated players.

Ruh-Oh will run for 25 daily turns. The victory conditions will be classic (number of worlds controlled), and the economy will be on. Points credited will be standard for rings.

Scooby-Doo fans will know what we mean by "Ruh-oh." Clearly, we over-buffed the Swampies and Entradishar, and we don't have to wait for Quince to finish in order to test the next round of changes:

  • The Swampies lose their R-class, but they keep the license and the population advantage.
  • The Giganto license and CPX both go to 750 for the Entradishar.
  • The OMG is now a scanner with a range of 120.
  • The poor unbuffed Ectonians get three extra cargo boosters, since we're not going to be testing any major buffs at the same time we debuff the currently strongest races.

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