February 27, 2008: Ruh-Oh Games Starting

The Ruh-oh ring games are now joinable, with 30 spaces in each. We ended up splitting them by XP instead of average.

  • Ruh-oh 1 is exclusively for those with fewer than 50 XP.
  • Ruh-oh 2 is open to everyone with fewer than 200 XP.
  • Ruh-oh 3 is for players with 200 or more XP.

Since the first three games filled so fast, we've created several more:

  • Ruh-oh 4, for players with 50-200 XP.
  • Ruh-oh 5 (formerly Ruh-oh 6), for players with any level of XP.

Go for it! Conquest is Job One!

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