May 20, 2008: How 'Bout Them Bugfixes?

Several small bugs, some of them ancient, have been put to rest in the last couple of weeks. We think! Please advise Kira if you see a continued problem on any of these issues:

  • The fleet deployment bug. Formerly, if you clicked on another world before deployment completed, your fleet would be misdeployed to the 2nd world.
  • The unset-autotick bug. When you disable auto-ticking, now it also clears any tick-after-x-hours info (which was causing some unwanted ticks to be run).
  • The handle loophole. All player handles must now have at least three alphanumeric characters. This prevents player names like '''. This also prevents me from using SJ as a player name, but I'll bear up somehow.
  • The 3-player battle report problem. Battle reports for battles with more than two players should now properly show who was in the battle, and the "Review Battle" link should behave properly.
-- Steve Jackson

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