August 26, 2008: New Mega Open!

Our next mega game, Unobtanium, will start this weekend. The game is now open for joining. You will need to complete a solo game before you can join.

In preparation for the new game, we've made the following changes that affect ALL currently running games:
  • Arachnons go back to 1 pop spawned on the homeworld for each 5 killed in winning battles elsewhere (that is, a 20% rate). The Scuttlers spawned on a newly-taken world will be increased to 15% of the enemy Pop destroyed.
  • SxullBorg: We're going to make their salvage perk a bit more complicated to keep it from being overbalancing after huge battles. The salvage rate is now 20%, multiplied by (500/total FP in battle). The maximum remains 20%; the minimum rate will be 10%.

Also, effective for all NEW games, Ectonians get a 15% CPX discount when building Megabots or Megabot upgrades; they also pay no more than base cost for Super Space Fighters.

Several other changes will affect Unobtanium. See this forum thread for more details about the game.

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