August 26, 2008: New Mega Open!

Our next mega game, Unobtanium, will start this weekend. The game is now open for joining. You will need to complete a solo game before you can join.

In preparation for the new game, we've made the following changes that affect ALL currently running games:
  • Arachnons go back to 1 pop spawned on the homeworld for each 5 killed in winning battles elsewhere (that is, a 20% rate). The Scuttlers spawned on a newly-taken world will be increased to 15% of the enemy Pop destroyed.
  • SxullBorg: We're going to make their salvage perk a bit more complicated to keep it from being overbalancing after huge battles. The salvage rate is now 20%, multiplied by (500/total FP in battle). The maximum remains 20%; the minimum rate will be 10%.

Also, effective for all NEW games, Ectonians get a 15% CPX discount when building Megabots or Megabot upgrades; they also pay no more than base cost for Super Space Fighters.

Several other changes will affect Unobtanium. See this forum thread for more details about the game.

August 24, 2008: New Forum Software!

Here's the promised Cool New Thing. The new forums, using new custom software, are now running, and that's where the FORUMS button now points. Give them a try! Among other things, this means that newly started games, including PUBs, will get their own forums.

The old forums will eventually go away, so if you want to save material posted there - either for your own reference or to add to the new forums - grab it now.

More info is posted in the Welcome thread.

-- Steve Jackson

August 9, 2008: Hello From Denvention

Here I am at the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver. I brought my UltraCorps shirt.

The timing is in some ways terrible, because I'm spending the whole day away from the computer every day, and Kira is aaaaaaalmost finished with a feature that will knock your socks off. And here I am, NOT available to help break it constructively so she can finish it.

Well, it gives me something to look forward to when I get home.

Look for something very cool, very soon.
-- Steve Jackson

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