December 2, 2008: Top Race Finishers And Top Ten

Top Ten in the Mega Game Vroom:
[MMM]Flatline 	Entradishar 	 60
JAWzroghar 	Swamp Beasts 	 54
Mongrell 	Swamp Beasts 	 47
Sentrion 	Orn 	         42
Luckymonkey 	Nozama 	         40
UC_Rommel 	Arachnons 	 37
Boss Hogg 	Entradishar 	 37
Domino 	        Nozama 	         37
Breakers 	Ectonians 	 36
Zpo 	        SxullBorgs 	 35
Mcnought 	Nozama 	         35
Macho Women  	Mah-Tog 	 35
Shayster 	Swamp Beasts 	 35
Top Finishers for each Race:
Entradishar        [MMM]Flatline
Swamp Beasts       JAWzraghar                
Orn                Sentrion 
Nozama             Luckymonkey
Arachnon           UC_Rommel 
Ectonians          Breakers 
Sxullborgs         Zpo
Mah Tog            Macho Women with Guns
VaT'ak             SilentNSly 
Guir               Ultimatequestion 
Zenrin             Starcharger
Xirons             Andy6474 
Cosmic Needle Men  Master

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