April 6, 2009: CNM Change, And Ynsanity Now Open

After analyzing the data, the Acutron has decided to adjust the recent CNM perk as follows: CNM can build the Hurax Stealth Fighter for 135 CPX, and price capped at 100 ult.

The new mega game "Ynsanity" is now open for joining. This will be a long game - 45 turns, with the last 20 ticks occurring every 2 days. Scoring will be classic - number of worlds owned.

Autobuilding will be off, however if a player idles (for 3+ turns) or quits, then the nobody worlds in their cluster will begin autobuilding.

If you are new to UltraCorps, you'll need to complete a solo game before you can join Ynsanity.

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