April 11, 2009: Ynsanity Tick Problems

Ynsanity encountered a glitch in the space-time continuum and the first tick crashed. We're going to re-initialize the game back to the "you just joined" state, so you'll have your starting basefleet and will need to re-do your production orders and fleet deployments.

Feel free to talk (or rant) about it on the game's forum.

April 9, 2009: Where Are The Zenrin?

There are only about 20 slots still open in Ynsanity - and amazingly (to me), there are only 9 Zenrin in the game. Even though Zenrin in a long game have more time to crank out the Masters. Verrry interesting. (There are also only 9 Swamp Beasts, but if a game runs long enough that Ultranium is the big limiting factor, the Swampie perk becomes less important, so that's less surprising.)
-- Steve Jackson

April 6, 2009: CNM Change, And Ynsanity Now Open

After analyzing the data, the Acutron has decided to adjust the recent CNM perk as follows: CNM can build the Hurax Stealth Fighter for 135 CPX, and price capped at 100 ult.

The new mega game "Ynsanity" is now open for joining. This will be a long game - 45 turns, with the last 20 ticks occurring every 2 days. Scoring will be classic - number of worlds owned.

Autobuilding will be off, however if a player idles (for 3+ turns) or quits, then the nobody worlds in their cluster will begin autobuilding.

If you are new to UltraCorps, you'll need to complete a solo game before you can join Ynsanity.

April 3, 2009: New Mega Next Week

Be sure to get your name on the list if you want to join the new mega. We're only creating enough homeworlds for the folks on the list.

The game will open for joins on Monday!

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