July 31, 2009: Race Tweaks For New Mega

Our next mega game will be starting soon. In preparation, we've rolled out two new changes to the racial perks for Nozama and Arachnon:

  • The Nozama Queen license may now only be purchased when a Nozama Queen is present on that world. Only Nozama players may purchase the Queen license.
  • When an Arachnon captures a world, he gets Scuttlers spawned on that world (equal to 15% of the population destroyed). Now in addition to the Scuttlers spawned in combat, additional Scuttlers are spawned each turn at a rate of half the previous turn's spawn (rounded up), until it gets to 0.

Please try out these new perks in your solo and PUB games. If you notice any problems, send a note to Kira.

Also a reminder, if you'd like to play in the next mega game, please be sure to add your name to the wait list.

If you'd like to keep up with the latest goings-on, subscribe to our new twitter feed!

July 31, 2009: UC Invades The Twitterverse

We've jumped on the bandwagon and started a twitter feed: http://twitter.com/UltraCorps

We'll be posting short news items there, and also announcements of new games (mega and PUB) - that'll be automated soon.

Also, the next mega game is coming soon; we're just working on a few pre-game tweaks. Stay tuned for news.

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