August 10, 2009: New Mega Game: Zap!

Our next mega game, Zap!, is now open for joins! Zap! is a classic mega: whoever has the most worlds wins. This game ticks nightly; the game will end on a random turn between turn 25 and 32.

Unit stats are the same as from the last mega. Race changes:
  • Nozama may only purchase a Nozama Queen license if a Nozama Queen (unit) is present on that world;
  • When the Arachnons win a battle, they immediately get Scuttlers on the world, equal to 10% of the Population destroyed in the battle. Smaller numbers of Scuttlers will appear on following turns - about half as many each turn as the turn before.

Also, the "quit" button will be disabled once this game starts.

The game will start when it fills. If you've just joined UltraCorps, you'll need to complete a solo game first before you can join the mega.

-- Starcharger

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