August 24, 2009: New Perks For VaT'ak and Mah-Tog; World Notes

We've added some minor race tweaks. The VaT'ak now start with two E-Class Suicide Fighters (rather than 1). This affects new joins in any game...

Also the Mah-Tog may now purchase any non-race-specific license, beginning on turn 1, even if it's not unlocked yet for other races. (That means v3 and v4 units, CR Orgs and Infinita.)

Also, we changed the World Notes feature so you can add a note to any world. We were reluctant to do that to start with, thinking that some players might scan every world (or at least lots of them) every turn and add the info to the notes. One possible answer to that is "So what?" So we'll see what happens.

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