September 14, 2009: Zap! Has Ended!

Zap! has ended. Thanks to everyone who played . . . and congratulations to Ahabig and Cho Yan Poo (Agramer) for winning! (They also share the top CNM race badge for this game.)

Other Race winners:
Arachnapoleon (Arachnon),
Solitar (Ectonian),
Peranthus (Entradishar),
Travail (Guir),
Starcharger (Mah-Tog),
Rethgif (Nozama),
Thrognor (Orn),
G8R (Swamp Beasts),
Habig (Sxullborgs),
Gunnr (VaT'ak),
Luckymonkey (Xiron), and
zzzzagius the first (Zenrin)

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