February 23, 2010: New News Reporter, and New News

The Acutron has enlisted Fabulous News reporter Travail to broadcast up-to-date reports of happenings in the Ultraverse. Welcome, Travail!

Encore Ending Soon

Encore begins . . . to end. The final turns of the Mega are erupting in fierce violence across the Universe as Empires struggle for dominance. The remains of once-great civilizations are now trampled underfoot/claw/tentacle as would-be conquerors strive to collect every world they can, while survivors try desperately to avoid extinction. The random game end forces commanders to time offensives carefully, balancing an ineffective rush against a great fleet not getting to its target in time. As the final strategems and battles unfold, our congratulations to all who have fought and dared greatly!

-- Travail, Official UC News Reporter

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