February 28, 2010: Encore Excellence!

SoFNN (and Ultracorps) would like to congratulate Licker as overall winner of the Encore mega!

The Top Finishers (and Gold Badge earners) by Race (with worlds) are as Follows:

Arachnon- Ultimatequestion (35)
Cosmic Needle Men- Stegyre (38)
Ectonian- Grimshaw (37)
Entradishar- Solitar (45)
Guir- Ol'Jabberwock (49)
Mah Tog- Travail (49)
Nozama- Licker (50)
Orn- Orn-Ree (39)
Swampbeast- Meesh (32)
Sxullborg- Peranthus (25)
Va T'ak Warriors- Geugon (29)
Xiron- Andy6474 & Spudfyre (30)
Zenrin- Agramer (33)

Again, congratulations to all on a great game!
Travail, UC News Reporter

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