March 3, 2010: New News Is Good News!

Enough gloating over the mega results! SJ Games announced today that it will be moving its servers to a virtual hosting service. President, CEO, and sometime UC Commander, Mr. Jackson explained: "The move is to improve uptime reliability."

We at SoFNN asked Mr. Jackson what the move meant for the UC community as a whole. He replied: "Well, it will mean that our next Mega will begin after the move, but the trade-off for server reliability will be worth it."

Asked if the move meant that UC players would now have access to virtual hosts and hostesses, Mr. Jackson merely smiled and offered "No comment."

To fill the expected time which the move will take, UC has authorized a contest for its players. The contest will be a Haiku (3 lines, 5 syllables, 7, 5) based on a player's experience in the Encore mega. One entry per player is allowed, and can be posted to the appropriate forum, so labelled. Ultimately, the Haiku contest will be judged by SJ himself- the top 5 Haikus will earn their writers XP awards (with additional awards possible depending on SJ's judging)!

Good luck, and let's see those Haikus!

Travail, UC News Reporter

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