March 10, 2010: New Mega Starting Soon

Professional obligations and real life have prevented River from devoting the time he would like to the UC Admin position. In light of this, Starcharger has agreed to serve as the new UC Admin. The Acutron extends its thanks to Commander River for his service.

While servers are being upgraded we will have another free mega. This mega will have classic scoring (the player with the most worlds wins) and no unit or race changes. The game opens for joining on Thursday, March 11; joins close at 5pm CST Monday March 15. The map will be built Monday evening (for the players who have joined), and you can log in and do your turn. The first tick will be at 9pm CDT, Wednesday March 17th. The game will tick nightly and end on turn 24.

Because of the server upgrade, I must WARN people that there will be downtime and we don't yet know when or how long. This war will be interrupted by unpredictable periods of peace. The outages may be sudden. We will try to keep you informed and will postpone ticks as needed.

Mail me anytime at Starcharger@sjgames.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Starcharger, UC Admin

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