March 14, 2010: Of Megas And Haiku


Update 3/15: Please note that the game will start on Friday.

The Upgrade Mega will have classic scoring (the player with the most worlds wins) and no unit or race changes. The game opened for joining on Thursday, March 11; joins close at 5pm CST Wednesday March 17. The map will be built Wednesday evening (for the players who have joined), and you can log in and do your turn. The first tick will be at 9pm CDT, Friday March 19th. The game will tick nightly and end on turn 24. Server outages should be expected during the mega, so check notifications frequently to stay abreast.

The Haiku contest is nearing closure- if you have not yet submitted one (topic: loosely regarding the last mega) and wish to, judging will be taking place soon (depending on the Judge's schedule). The contest will be officially closed to new entries at roughly the same time as the Upgrade Mega's map is formed, Wednesday evening March 17th.

Good luck to all! In both endeavors!

Travail, UC News Reporter

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