March 21, 2010: Haiku Contest Winners...And Prizes!

Our fearless judge has held forth on the submissions for the Haiku contest after reviewing them all anonymously, and has made his selections for winners and prizes as follows:

1st place: Bidster, with:

Swirling yellow, red
The worlds like autumn leaves, burn

Bidster wins 25 xp and a new gold badge (when Kira finishes it), denoting winner of an online UC contest!

Runner-up: Spudfyre, with:

Conquest is job one!
NAP and expand far and wide...
Too slow, look, I died.

Spudfyre wins 20 xp and a new silver badge!

Among the various other haikus submitted, SJ has also selected several honorable mentions: Sentrion and DMofDoom both win 10 xp, and a bronze badge for their entries as well!

Congratulations to all- SJ was impressed with both the volume and quality of the haiku entries. Look for more such contests in the future! And on with the Mega!

Travail, UC News Reporter

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