March 28, 2010: No News Is Good News!

The expected server outages while we Upgrade to remote servers have unexpectedly not happened.

TickTalk in the Chat Room has been a great time lately. Steve Jackson popped in and said he was going to meet soon with John Kovalic of Dork Tower for working, margarita-drinking sessions. (Evidently tequila spurs creativity. Who knew?)

Upgrade news: autobuilding kicked in! We are not sure who caused that to happen, but 200 V2 bikes will be headed to his homeworld once the investigation is concluded.

Also, there seems to be a little bit of a logjam near the top of the standings. One player is currently enjoying a slight lead at the top. If she asks for a NAP, say "Yes, Ma'am."

If we become aware of server maintenance issues, we will make an announcement.

Starcharger, Fleet Admiral

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