April 12, 2010: News That's Fit To Print

Upgrade Mega? Done!
Shayster hangs on for 'teh win'-

Okay, enough Haiku-ing! Congratulations to all on the end of Upgrade, no matter how you finished!

Overall Winner: Shayster!

Race Winners-

Arachnon- Moldymaltquaffer (28 worlds)
CNM- Habig (23 worlds)
Ectonian- Monto (17 worlds)
Entradishar- Replay (20 worlds)
Guir- Arminius (17 worlds)
Mah tog- Harley (21 worlds)
Nozama- P_schoenhoff (17 worlds)
Orn- Travail (23 worlds)
Swampbeast- UC_Rommel (27 worlds)
Sxullborg- Sentrion (21 worlds)
Va'Tak- Jawz'ak (30 worlds)
Xiron- NerfXHC (30 worlds)
Zenrin- Shayster (38 worlds)

Well done, all! Now, rest up, maybe try out some strategies and a new race in a PUB or two, as we all get ready for the next mega... coming soon!

Travail, UC News Reporter

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