April 21, 2010: Challenges!

Thank you for your opinions!

As many of you have already seen (and joined up), a number of new PUB's with different themes and conditions have been created for your enjoyment and challenge: some with economy on or off, or with different race restrictions, or other themes. As another example, just open tonight is a 'themed' race vs. race game, with 12 players, big clusters, and hex map which will tick nightly once full (and roleplay in headlines and forums is encouraged).

In addition, if you check the forums, there is a series of posts about 1 against 1 games, with people interested in honing their player vs player skills, or to test out a given race in a 1 on 1 challenge. There has been an exciting suggestion about forming up a 1 vs. 1 "league", letting players play at their own pace and rack up wins/losses.

(Developing pvp skills is fairly different from Mega play- no diplomacy, just optimizing build, mobility, defense, tracking moves, and winning fights. Developing such skills can really enhance your ability to fight your way out of a tough spot in PUB's and Megas!)

Join up, have fun, and be challenged!

Travail, UC News Reporter

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