April 26, 2010: Sort Of Fabulous Network News Update

SOFNN: Action News

Lead Item- Random Race Challenge2- The Ring... is full (even if not all yet joined)! (Set to begin tonight!)
If you couldn't get into one of the Random Race games, and you wanted to, let us know and we'll start up another!

Second Item- Romulans Boast 'Cerebral Superiority', Klingons Claim Romulan Blood Is Key Ingredient in Green Paint!
The challenge continues, with the Romulans still in the lead, but only by 4 worlds at this stage. Neutral Federation Observer Dr. Leonard McCoy was aghast at the ferocity of the fighting: "I'm just a plain, ole country doctor, not a reality TV show fanatic."

Final Story- A League Of Their Own!
Yes, for UC commanders, it's time to go mono y mono and put your ultranium where your mouth is. Check out the Observation Deck for the new League of 1 vs.1 play, and check out the forums to read up on the games and to find opponents. Work on your PvP skills, work out some inner aggression, or just take a look as some brave players put it all on the line in a game where 'diplomacy' is a 4-letter word!

And now for a word from our sponsor: Tholian Space Fence Services- "Oh, check out the tangled Web we weave!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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