May 19, 2010: Sort Of Fabulous Network News Update

Incinerator is underway! There is some tight clustering on the leaderboard, fairly expected this early in the game.

Action Item: Klingon and Romulan Hostilities at an End!
The Romulan Empire erased doubts about their strategic and tactical ability by besting the Klingon Empire in a knock-down, drag-out-an-airlock battle. Romulan Ale all around, and hold the Gakh... at least this time.

Action Item: Hope For the Hopelessly Late!
If you have missed entry into the Mega, fear not! Either Administrator Starcharger or News Reporter Travail will be happy to open games for you- simply drop us a umail, ad we'll get on it.

And now a word from our sponsor: Entradishar Empire Laundry Services- "Invade, rinse, repeat!"
Travail, UC News Reporter

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