May 27, 2010: Sort Of Fabulous Network News Update

Incinerator- Turn 13! Spudfyre seizes the lead!

Action Item: Of Homeworlds Lost...
Multiple homeworlds fell this past tick, while others were successfully defended. Consolations to those who've lost their HW and are now looking for a place to live, but congratulations to the victors like Commander Luckymonkey, who now, finally, can see beyond what is Known.

Action Item: ...and of Homeworlds Saved!
Gogmagog, a commander with apparent expectations of some apocalyptic war in the future (Editor's note: Er, now?), has come under fire from multiple enemies. Commander Gog has resisted several HW attacks by different opponents over the past several turns, and gets a shout out for his defiance of both his enemies and the odds! Give them the fang, Gog, but don't give them Fang!

Action Item: Fluky Outcomes on "Unlucky" Turn 13!
This author was apprised of 1 such fight, and was part of another. Go check the battle at Sikin, where the suicidal Noz fighter piloted by "E Class" Jones took on a force of 195 fp and killed 2 HSF's before being slain! Then, check out the battle at Rylgan, where a GPA fell apart after, perhaps, overhasty construction, against a vastly inferior foe on round 1 of combat.

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Travail, UC News Reporter

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