June 14, 2010: Sort Of Fabulous Network News Update- June 14

Incinerator: Turn 31 (nearly 32)!

Action Item: Ultimate Heat Death of Universe Predicted!

- Scientists have reached a concensus- in real calendar dates, the universe will be Incinerated at the tick on June 17th at the earliest, and no later than Saturday June 19th. Good luck to all Commanders!

Second Item: Fleets "Sent" Ahead!
- Sentrion takes the lead in worlds on Turn 31, but only a few worlds separate the current leaders. No doubt more fleets seek their targets, as time continues to 'tick' onward.

Third Item: Random Chance Changes Its Name To "Randiv Chance"!
- Randiv took the CNM to ultimate victory in Random Race Challenge, against a challenging field of competitors! Congratulations to all the players; we hope the format was...well... challenging and different.

Final Item: New PUB Opens For Jedi and Padawans!
- For a new challenge, "Jedi and Padawan" is now open- 6 teams of 2 players each, 1 with 150+ xp and 1 with <150 xp, to fight for dominance in a large cluster, hex matrix universe. Umail Travail for password with your team, and don't worry- the game won't start until the week after the mega finishes!

And now a word from our sponsors: pineApple, Makers of The Universe's Most Damage Resistant Phone (tm)- "Try the new iMpact today!"
Travail, UC News Reporter

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