July 31, 2010: New Mega Opens For Joining Monday 8/2/10

Look for a new game to join on Monday. It should close late Wednesday and we'll build the map and probably have the 1st tick Friday the 6th.

Ahabig, UC_Rommel, Breakers, Starcharger, Loras, Solitar, CaptainKudzu, 5rdrake, Phable and MsPeach placed in the Top Ten! MsPeach was tied for 10th and left out of the previous announcement.

The top ten race winners and gold badge winners are: Arachnon-Travail, CNM-Ahabig, Ectonians-CaptainKudzu, Entradishar-MsPeach, Guir-Solitar, Mahtog-Emerikol, Nozama-UC_Rommel, Orn-Man in the Ion Mask, Swamp Beasts-Loras, Sxullborgs-Phable, Va T'ak Warriors-Breakers, Xirons-Borowolf, Zenrin-Starcharger.

The Acutron's system maintenance is completed.

Enjoy the break!


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