August 24, 2010: SoFNN- Special Interview

Augustus: Turn 19!

Special interview for today's news, with Arachnon Overlord Rearlsmith, atop the mega's leaderboard this turn. We caught up with his Spiderifficness for this interview:

SoFNN: So, how does it feel to be tied atop the leaderboard in Augustus turn 19?

Rearlsmith: Leaderboard? I'm just traveling the universe, sampling the local cultures. Mmm, tasty.

SoFNN: To what do you chiefly attribute your current success, strategy, tactics, or diplomacy?

Rearlsmith: Hunger.

SoFNN: What's your "sign"?

Rearlsmith: "Please Join Us For Dinner!"

SoFNN: Are you engaged in any current hostilities, and, if so, what would you like to tell your current enemy via "the press"?

Rearlsmith: We are not currently engaged in hostilities. Although, some of the cultures we are trying to sample are insisting on vigorous exercise first.

SoFNN: When shopping for groceries, do you prefer paper, plastic, or tanned swampbeast skin?

Rearlsmith: Tanned swampbeast, it tastes much better than paper or plastic.

SoFNN: Finally, what 'features' might you like to see added to SoFNN?

Rearlsmith: Edible reporters, please.

More next time!

Travail, UC News Reporter

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