October 29, 2010: Sort Of Fabulous Network News Update

Julius: Turn 26!

Action Item: Kira Admired From Afar By Many!

- This past cycle witnessed a clash between two able commanders who both, apparently, regard Kira as Prime, Admljoey and Replay. Unfortunately for AJ, Kira's "prime real estate" (Editor's note: Um, that should be Kira Prime's real estate, for heaven's sake!) was apparently admired moreso by Replay, who attacked the planet without even offering drinks or dinner first. The well-stocked HW fell to Replay's well-orchestrated attack, and Commander Replay told us: "Hey, what can I say? Kira is Prime in my book".

Second Item: Defense Force Retired, Put Out To Pasture!
- Julius-Leader UC_Rommel continues to Romp-le all over the competition. In a knock-down, drag-out hyphen-celebrating fight (Editor's note: ), Rommel won the battle at Pasture against Veteran Commander Knightmare. "I'd say he's been Pasture-ized", said Rommel in an interview with SoFNN. "I just wish I could fight him over a planet named Homogeny, too."

In a twist for SoFNN, we've opted to go with a series of one-liner headlines for a number of fights this past cycle instead of a more traditional Third Item- you go look at the fight, and the headlines will speak for themselves!
- In Siberia, Warmeks Haul You!
- Famous University Files Lawsuit As UC_Rommel Becomes Barnard's Ruin!
- Sukumvits Sends Distress Call, But Message Arrives "Garba-ld"!
- Assembly Four Goes Six While ZPO Fleets Go "Deep Six".

And now, a word from our sponsor: The Union Of United Medical Examiners- "Don't let your government try to save money by cutting Coroners!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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