November 1, 2010: Sort Of Fabulous Network News- Yesterday's News, Today!

Julius: Turn 29!

Action Item: Who Are You Calling An Azjol??!

- After many opponents and many desperate fights, Hardluck's Homeworld of Azjol'Nerub has fallen to the invading fleets of P_"Did He" Schoenhoff. What may not be known to news followers is that Commander Hardluck has been in nearly constant conflict with P_"Did He", "5ArrrghDrake", "AddleJoey", and "Ornery" since early cycles of Julius, and is still alive and battling (Editor's Note: if on the ropes a bit). We at SoFNN would like to salute Commander Hardluck for his tenacity and achievements in Julius, specifically his survival to this point against so many top-performing opponents: if one can be measured by the quality and quantity of one's enemies, surely Hardluck must be accounted an amazing competitor. Kudos, and well-fought, from SoFNN!

Second Item: Two Abhainn "Wrongs" Don't Make An Abhainn Righ-t!
- Abhainn Righ appears to be a "knightmare" for Commander Rand, who recently lost a closely contested battle at the planet. Although it has exchanged hands multiple times during Julius, the largest battle to date there resulted in a phenomenal amount of FP destruction this past cycle, when 2 zenrin Masters and 12 Xiron Heavy Cruisers were merely the 'headline' units on each side which were lost. One can certainly say that General Knightmare seems determined to prosecute his divine righ to the planet.

Third Item: Lonely Rivers Flow To The "Dead FP" Sea!
- A huge battle was fought at Two Rivers this past cycle, between commanders "Lea And" Perrin (defending) and Hel "Hath No Fury" Grenze (attacking) who both brought large forces to bear over the contested HW. The "Northern Lights" were particularly flashy and colorful this past cycle as a result.

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Travail, UC News Reporter

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