November 4, 2010: Sort Of Fabulous Network News- Yesterday's News, Today!

Julius: Turn 32!

Action Item: Plenty To Swegger About!

- There was a huge battle at Swegger this past cycle, as Phalanx exacted a heavy toll on Solitar's forces with the victory. Anonymous sources report that it seems Solitar ended up with a hideous case of the crabs as a result of the attack! (Editor's Note: To clarify, one of the attacking fleets was named Hideous Crab- let's not start any rumors we can't defend a lawsuit against, shall we?)

Second Item: Multitude Lives Up To Name!
- Check out the spawning grounds of Multitude- Commander Loras apparently has been feeding his nozama queens fertility drugs, because there are bunches of them and their fighter brood, not to mention 11 Infinita units. That's, like, um, 10 to the infinita power FP, right? Either way, it is probably infinitasmally more FP than SoFNN can field at any one time. (Editor's Note: Hyperbole, humilty, and misdirection. SoFNN has huge fleets dwarfing anything out there, so don't send fleets to our systems- we also have a "We shoot in peace" philosophy.)

Third Item: Of Smiley Faced Homewreckers!
- Flat has some more reason for smiley faces, having won an uphill looooong battle at Smiley this past cycle. His RCWrecker (Editor's Note: Trademark Royal Crown Carbonated Beverages and Combat Units) carried the "21 gun salute" in favor of the attacker, overcoming the greater total firepower of Monto for the win.

And now, a word from our sponsor: Union of Underachieving Secret Agents- "For us, every mission is Impossible!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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