November 7, 2010: Server Downtime! SoFNN- Julius Outcomes

Server Maintenance: On Thursday November 11th, 2010 we will bring down the Acutron's server for maintenance. The ultranium core will be hit with 1,000 OSAA cannons to clean out sludge. The maintenance will begin at 5:30 PM CST and the OSAA cannon barrage is expected to completed within one earth hour. There is not a current mega, so no turns will be rescheduled. Pub games will run as usual excepting the one hour downtime. SC

Ultracorps and SoFNN would like to extend congratulations to all commanders for participating in the recent Mega, and to highlight the top finishers overall, and by race. For those who fought the brave fight but did not survive the mega, you also get congratulations for trying hard and not knuckling under, and remember: a new game will be coming soon for a chance at revenge or redemption, so keep checking for when you can enter!

Meanwhile, newer players can join "New Players", a large PUB for 12 people- give it a try, then stop in chat to ask for help with game mechanics, strategy, and tactics!

Overall winner: Sentrion! Congratulations on the "three-peat"!!

Race Winners- Gold Badges (whether you need them badges, stinking or no):
Arachnon- Kilvan99 (47 worlds)
CNM- Travail (39 worlds)
Ectonians- Replay (17 worlds)
Entradishar- Sentrion (57 worlds)
Guir- UC_Rommel (48 worlds)
Mah-Tog- JollyBones (10 worlds)
Nozama- Zees67 (52 worlds)
Orn- Orn-Ree (26 worlds)
Swamp Beasts- Flat (29 worlds)
Sxullborgs- Habig (22 worlds)
VaT'ak Warriors- Breakers (24 worlds)
Xirons- Andy6474 (31 worlds)
Zenrin- Agramer (34 worlds)

We heartily encourage new players to try joining up for the next exciting mega game, coming in just a couple of weeks. To play, you need to have completed at least one solo game, and you will likely have a much better idea of what to do if you try out a PUB (private universe battle) game or 2. To that end, we will be opening up several games to play- look for them to join for those who wish to play/hone their games before the next mega opens for joining.

This message has been brought to you by our sponsor: Sentrion's Hammocks and Chairs- "Give him a chance, and he'll put your arse in a sling!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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