November 21, 2010: Sort Of Fabulous Network News Brief Updates

Tiberius: Turns 4 and 5!

Action Item: No Problem With ZPO's Vision!

- He planned, he saw, he executed, and took the planet Caratine by force. In addition, his E class failed its mission and actually survived. "I was looking for a good source of beta caratine. Guess I found it", he told us.

Second Item: Vista Has Bugs! (What Else Is New??!)
- Well, it did after Ultrakiller landed there, taking the planet with his CR Org II.

Action Item: When The Saints Go Marching Out!
- It's because Essex came to their world of Latterday, beat the pants off them, and now they're all quiet as a churchmouse of Latterday Saints. (Editor's Note: Ooooh. Too soon.)

Second Item: Hair10 Picks Target, Turns Out To Be A Goldmine!
- Hair10 launched a successful attack at the planet Goldmine this past cycle. He told this reporter: "I had a temperature and was in a hurry- my doctor told me it was Gold Rush Fever, and here I am."

Third Item: Rational Choice, In Theory!
- Or so says Commander Ducks, of his attack on the planet Hobbes. In an exclusive interview with SoFNN, he commented: "I could 'quack' a joke about Calvin and Hobbes, but I won't because I love that cartoon, and have alot of respect for 'Mallard Filmore' as well."

And now, a word from our sponsor: One-Armed Madman With a Fetish For Literature And Indian Condiments- "Because I need a hand and I want to be a paperback raita... paperback raita!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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