November 25, 2010: SoFNN Interim Report- Thanksgiving Issue

Tiberius: Turn 8!

Editor's Note- The Acutron has the day off for the holiday, a throwback to old Terran tradition in the nation-state of "USA". In celebration of ancient traditions, the Acutron is referring to everybody as a 'real turkey'.

Action Item: Watch Out For The Smile, He Doesn't Mean It!

- Admiral Agramer fought an uphill battle against Commander Scubacroc for the homeworld of Croctopia this past cycle, winning by dint of his Orn-hardened and buggy-fortified fleet of saucers against the greater firepower of the defender. But the victory may be hollow, as the number of survivors can be counted on 1 abducted victim's pseudopod, and Commander Scubacroc told us: "We're not shedding any tears yet."

Second Item: It's A Noz Eat Noz Universe At Noz!
- A famous commander once asked: "What better HW to capture than one you can make the most use of?" This past cycle, Rear Admiral Rearlsmith captured the homeworld Noz from Commander Mdublade, to find the queen spawning facilities fully capable and online, as no one but another Nozama commander would. Rearlsmith told us about the captured queen spawning ability: "I think of it as a license ... to thrill."

Third Item: Because He Likes His Milk Pasture-ized!
- That could explain why Captain Temporal Essex invaded Pasture this past cycle, but one would suspect it's more likely that he had an urge to retire the prior government of the planet in order to put the population to work for his own empire. He reported to us: "Yeah, I put them out to Pasture."

And now, a word from our sponsor: Schizophrenic Screen Actor's Guild- "There's always a method acting to our madness."

Travail, UC News Reporter

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