November 28, 2010: Sort Of Fabulous Network News Update

Tiberius: Turn 10!

Action Item: It May Not Have Been Built In A Day, But It Was Sacked In A Day!

- General ZPO engaged Commander Paladin 1991 in battle over the last several cycles, and took the HW of Rome with a small fleet which must have looked like a feint rather than something substantial when "Have Card Will Travel" Paladin leaped out to snuff out ZPO's fleet at Porvi instead of establishing a greater defense at Rome. General ZPO told us: "Rome if you want to, Rome around the world."

Second Item: Tog-Tog Does Not Have It Tog-ether!
- Among the HW's taken this turn, the valuable Mah Tog HW of Captain Osenefous was captured after an intense battle against the invader, Commander Flat. Flat told SoFNN: "I felt the tug to play tag with Tog-Tog".

Third Item: Inactives Succumb To Unstoppable Foes!
- ShadowbaneX and UC_Rommel both brought the "boom" to inactive neighbors, capturing HW's Rheah and Verra (respectively) which their erstwhile owners "surrendered" when they went missing at the first cycle of Tiberius. "Wish I had one of those" thoughts from large numbers of active commanders have overwhelmed the few telepaths we keep on staff, causing anxiety and migraine headaches among our employees. Lawsuits may, or may not, be pending.

And now, a word from our sponsor: Holiday Overeaters Anonymous- "When every holiday is Thanksgorging."

Travail, UC News Reporter

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