December 14, 2010: Sort Of Fabulous Network News Update

Tiberius: Turn 26......Rings 1&2: Turn 11!

Action Item: Going For The Honey, Someone Gets "Stung"!!

- In a battle between giants, Commander "Cry Me A" River was fought to a standstill at Hive by defender "Rear Admiral" Rearlsmith this past cycle. Mutual destruction of the final units led to a draw in the fight, with the tie going to the defender, an infrequently seen outcome throughout the universe, particularly with such huge fleets.

Second Item: More Homeworlds Bite The "Star"Dust!
- Victory over their opponents gave HW captures to Commanders Flat, Expinger, and Solitar this past cycle. The most FP destroyed this past cycle, by a wide margin, occurred at Ghaki, where Flat beat Dr. Sci after a brutal combat. More and more huge battles take place, and the survivors become stronger, as the universe heads towards its ultimate end.

Third Item: Ring 1- Same As The Old Gram!
- The Noz hordes of Hive Commander Noxzeema took on the able defense of Commander Gemini Phoenix at Nugram, capturing the planet in the biggest annihilation of FP of the cycle.

Fourth Item: Ring 2- Greyhulk's Doing, Doing The Neutra Dance!
- More Noz successes, as, in Ring 2, Hive Commander Greyhulk splashed the defenses of Neutra with minimal losses. One can only anticipate that that horde is on the move. Locusts? They barely even knew us!

And now, a word from our sponsor: Committee of Antagonistic Aviators- "Why have to choose between fight or flight?"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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