December 18, 2010: SoFNN Interim Report

Tiberius: Turn 31......Rings 1&2: Turn 16!

Action Item: And He Also Brought The Boom!!

- Mac "The Knife" unaima brought the fight and the boom to I Brought The Ice this past cycle, seizing the planet handily from Glaxono. It seems likely that Commander Mac will be toasting his success with cold drinks for quite some time.

Second Item: Disco Stu Forgets To Duck!
- Commander "Not From Peking" Ducks took the planet Stu from Commander "Cry Me A" River in a large scale battle this past cycle. This brings the number of opponents that River is currently facing in Tiberius to just under "all".

Third Item: Ring 1- Captain Caruso Is Whirling Too!
- Captain "Robinson" Caruso (Editor's note: Oy. Just, oy.) sailed into Dervish this past cycle, capturing the planet quite handily. Asked how he felt about the victory at Dervish, he replied: "Well, happy-ish and content-ish."

Fourth Item: Ring 2- Slim Hoss Decides Not To Throw Stones!
- A likely feint by Commander Slim "Shady" Hoss arrived at The Glass House this past cycle, to a "warm welcome". (Editor's note: If one can consider being met by 11 n-class battleships of the line as a warm welcome.) Commander Geminiphoenix told SoFNN: "I'm of two minds about the attack, but ain't nothing going to rise from the ashes of the ATO-3."

And now, a word from our sponsor: Sigmund Freud's Breakfast Waffles- "Leggo my ego!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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