December 30, 2010: SoFNN Interim Report

Rings 1&2: Turn 26!

Action Item: Ring 1- Not Anymore It's Not!!

-Commander Larfleeze lost his HW of "MINE" to the forces of invader "Instant" Replay this past cycle, who says, "Well, it's still MINE, it's just mine."

Second Item: Ring 1- Roosters And Spiders Crow At Midnight!
- "Suicide is NOT painless", said Commander Peranthus in a statement to SoFNN following the brutal attack by Arachnon-phobia Arillus at the planet Midnight. Only 6 of 15 suicide fighters achieved their goal in the fight.

Third Item: Ring 2- The End Was Here!
- The end finally came to The End Is Nigh this past tick, as CaptainKudzu brought wrack and ruin to the token x5 left at the planet. Commander Mala reported: "Henny Penny was RIGHT!" CaptainKudzu quickly responded: "Sure, but even a broken clock is right twice a day." (Editor's note: And less than that if it's a digital clock.)

Fourth Item: New Games Getting Started!
- Much is happening with several new PUB's opening up, including several theme-team games. If anyone is interested in a game before the next mega is announced, well, go ahead and set it up or request on the boards for any special games, including games for up to 12, with large clusters, etc. In unrelated news, the long-awaited public ceremony for presentation of the award for the best feline butt has been indefinitely postponed after the award statue fell from its pedestal today, striking and killing a janitor. Program administrators have declared the incident "an absolute Cat Ass Trophy!"

And now, a word from our sponsor: Union of Celebrity Impersonators- "Cher and Cher-alike is our motto!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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