January 24, 2011: Sort Of Fabulous Network News Very Brief Update

Valerian: Turn 7!

(We're sorry for the lack of news updates, but our main reporter has been missing in inaction for several days. We now return you to a very brief update.)

Action Item: Conquest Central... Was!

- A passing squadron of HSF's took control of the HW in a sensational and somewhat unbelievable loss. Inquiring minds have no idea how it happened.

Second Item: Shaker, Rattler, and Roller!
- Batmaster clobbered Shaker Mill this past cycle, and brought along 670 population as witnesses. One survivor reported: "Yeah, we're Shaken, but not Stirred."

Third Item: Mass-ive Undertaking!
- Damarang squeaked out a narrow 13 round battle at Mass this past cycle, with an AT0-3 crawler the lone survivor of the attack. In a statement to SoFNN, Damarang told us: "We kicked their Mass hard!"

And now, a word from our sponsor: 0-0-7 Celebrity Weight Loss Plan- "Live and let diet!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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