February 15, 2011: Sort Of Fabulous Network News Update

Valerian: Turn 29, Thrax turn 9!

Action Item: Valerian- Age Old Argument Settled: It's Not Duck Season!

- Citizen Kane slammed into the defenses of TheDuckHut this past cycle, but the battle for him quickly went south. (Editor's Note- heh, okay, that was pretty good.) Commander Ducks and all his 'ugly ducklings' destroyed the invaders easily. Chalk none up for the goose!

Second Item: Thrax- Uphill Battles Overcome The Odds!
- While numerous HW's fell, the most singular battle took place at Helicon this past tick. Commander Gossimer stole Helicon with a single XMC besting the odds, which Romeo puts at about 3%. Witness the advantage of a Cap ship! In another wild and wooly battle for a HW, Brad's Playland fell to an arguable inferior force under the command of Maniac. Witnesses report an outbreak of Maniacal laughter following the battle.

Third Item: Thrax- Revenge Is Sweet!
- After bouncing his earlier attack at LoveSpud ticks back, Spudfyre brought the boom to take Talespinner's HW of Sssshhhhh this past cycle. A spokesman for Spudfyre told SoFNN reporters: "Mum is no longer the word."

And now, a word from our sponsor: First National Eye Bank, Ltd- "Check out our loans for the best rate- the Eyes have it!"

Travail, UC News Reporter

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