March 9, 2011: New Mega Game Opens!

This Mega, Constantine, will be a 30-35 turn game with a random turn ending. We are continuing the testing of seeding the map with ungenerated planets. This will create extra space on a random basis between players. We are shooting for about 20-25% ungenerated planets.

Positions will vary considerably from one to another and expect the unexpected. The longer game should allow for players to work through map spacing issues a little better than the shorter test game. XP, MP, badges and average will be scored; so this is a true mega.

The economy is on and nobodies do not autobuild. The game opens Wednesday March 9th for joining. The game closes to new players on Sunday the 13th sometime after noon. The new game will start Wednesday the 16th at 8:00 PM CST, SJ Games time.
-- Starcharger

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