March 21, 2011: SoFNN Interim Report

Constantine: Turn 5!

Action Item: Wax On, Pop Off!
- Lightraptor rolled into Miagi with good old standby pop annihilators, and his forces 'swept the leg' of the defenders, taking the world handily. Katate Kid....ding!!

Second Item: Clarity Begins At Home!
- As noted by Commander Starcharger, a phenomenal, mutually destructive battle took place between Starhawk and Xenofruit at Clarity this past cycle. The results were as clear as mud.

Third Item: Force Redundancy Succeeds At Redundant Planet!
- Commander Mdublade took Pikopiko in a close battle which saw the destruction of his TAPS, even as his hyperbuggies saved the day by winning the battle. Asked how he felt at the victory, he replied in the immortal words of Stimpy: "Happy happy, joy joy, at Pikopiko".

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Travail, UC News Reporter

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