April 3, 2011: SoFNN-Mega News Update

Constantine: Turn 18!

Action Item: In The Middle Of Mah Street!
- The hw of MahHouse fell to the forces of Commander Loras this past cycle. Defender X-streamist lost a lot of population to the arachnon forces of Loras, but on the plus side, the place is now infested by scuttlers. (Editor's note: that's a plus side!!?)

Second Item: Tamed!
- The hw of Shrew was taken by Balmbando this past cycle. Commander Smell, on the receiving end of the loss, told SoFNN: "Maybe so, but I ain't saying kiss me Kate!"

Third Item: Going Down The Only Road I've Ever Known!
- And now for coverage of a successful hw defense at Herewegoagain! Besieged Xiron commander Rearlsmith fought off a hefty attack by Commandress 5Arrgh Drake. One might say that 17 XHCs would be a lot for anyone to fight through.

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Travail, UC News Reporter

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