April 11, 2011: SoFNN- Mega Update!

Constantine: Turn 26!

Action Item: No Picnic!
- Only one HW fell this cycle, in contrast to 4 the prior cycle. Interestingly, one particularly fortunate commander (Editor's note: If it is better to be lucky than good, then there is little doubt he is among the luckiest, as that is the only way to explain his success) had back-to-back HW captures in the two cycles and in dramatically different directions. Asked about his success, he replied with a jaunty tune: "I get by with a little help from my friends." The ousted owner of Picnic Central, Commander Pocket Bear had this to say: "Well, now I'm totally glad my scientists finished that research project to create mutated giant, carnivorous ants for this Picnic."

Second Item: One Of Four Horsemen Spotted And Subdued!
- It was all feast at Famine this past cycle, as Commander "Black Seven On Red Eight" Solitar poured a huge amount of firepower onto Famine. He made this statement to SoFNN: "Well, if they weren't having one yet, they're having one now."

Third Item: Zen And The Art Of Scanomatic Racing!
- Another huge fight took place this past cycle, between the invading forces of "A to" Zpo and defender "Going Around In" Cerklewski at Zenopolis. The battle definitely takes top honors for Biggest Battle and Most Destroyed FP in Constantine to date, and represents a very successful HW defense against a determined attacker. An attorney spokesman for Commander Cerklewski gave a statement to SoFNN with a sardonic smile as he said: "The defense rests."

And now, a word from our sponsor: Jason and the Argonaut Premium Condoms- "They'll keep you safe from a scorching case of harpies!"

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