April 15, 2011: SoFNN Mega News- Winding Down!

Constantine: Turn 30! The mega enters the endgame, as time begins to run out! Constantine is one of the unpredictable ones, as know one knows when the music will run out and you may be left without a chair. Good luck to all commanders!

Action Item: He Should Never Have Thrown Stones!
- Geminiphoenix lost his HW, The Glass House, to the marauding forces of "No Soap" Leftradio this past cycle. It was such a resounding win that his offensive hew eliminators were not, er, eliminated in the fight.

Second Item: A Habig Bushwhacked Ahabig!
- In a not quite palindromic but still poetically-titled attack, Habig took Bushwhacked from Ahabig last cycle. To those following the story closely, it apparently is a dog-eat-adog kinda universe.

Third Item: He Wore His Fanciest!
- Commander "To Each His Farthest" Farstar took the battle to Brianwent "Boom" at Plains last cycle, earning a decisive win. Apparently, the pain, in the main, falls mainly on the Plains.

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Travail, UC News Reporter

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