June 6, 2011: SoFNN- Need For Speed: Standings!

SoFNN would like to congratulate all commanders on participating in the recent Need for Speed Mega, also known in some quarters as "It's better to be fast than half-fast" Mega. (Editor's note: Homonym pun intended.)

The Overall Mega Winner was Zees67, who now qualifies as "The Beast With 2 Back....to Back Mega Wins". Pretty impressive performance, as the issue never seemed in doubt!

Race Gold Badge Winners are as follows:
Arachnon: Cargo Cult, 21 Worlds
CNM: Dirkszon, 25 Worlds
Ectonian: Thrognor (Mapmaker, Mapmaker!), 25 Worlds
Entradashar: Raven_Walker, 20 Worlds
Guir: Leftradio, 19 Worlds
Mah Tog: ShadowbaneX, 8 Worlds
Nozama: Rexmf, 30 Worlds
Orn: Orn-Ree, 29 Worlds
Swamp Beast: Zees67, 69 (!!!) WORLDS!
Sxullborg: PackRat, 27 Worlds
VaT'ak Warriors: Shayster, 36 Worlds
Xirons: Farstar, 22 Worlds
Zenrin: Phable, 13 Worlds

And now a word from our sponsor: Nihilists for the Construction of Children's Playgrounds- "Well it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!"

Keep your eyes open for the next mega, coming soon to a Universe near you!

Travail, UC News Reporter

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