October 17, 2011: SoFNN- Logjam Ends First Chance It Gets!

Congratulations to all Logjam commanders, as the mega closed 10/17/2011!

*************** New and Improved! Several 'boutique' pubs just opened up! For 'Enterprising' players, 2 v 2 team game for CNM vs VaT'ak simulates a showdown between Romulans and Klingons! In What If You Had A Death Star? The OMG is self propelled, and the HC4 is faster- Empire or the Rebellion, it's still a free for all! Or, try Not Sleepy for a 4 player game where naps are not worth the electrons they're printed on! *****************

Overall top 10 finishers (and points) were as follows:
Travail (1321)
Arillus (1117)
Unfortunate Simian (1063)
MoralHazard (1031)
UBones (957)
Monto (952)
Cargo Cult (945)
Warlord Bartuc (925)
Kevlarik (913)
Starcharger (882)

Gold badge winners for each race were as follows:
Travail- Xiron
Arillus- Nozama
Unfortunate Simian- Zenrin
Monto- Ectonian
Cargo Cult- Swamp Beast
Warlord Bartuc- Entradashar
Kevlarik- VaT'ak Warriors
Starcharger- CNM
Raven_Walker- Mah Tog
Wearbe- Guir
Ultimatequestion- Arachnon
Elnoeleo- Sxullborg
Talespinner- Orn

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Travail, UC News Reporter

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